Uboh 5-in-1 Cell Phone Stand Review

The Uboh cell phone stand is designed to be used not only on your home /office desk but also in the car. It has an awesome feature that allows this stand to stick to walls or anything with a smooth surface. In this video, we take a deep dive on how to use this cell phone stand.

5-in-1 Pocket Size Cell Phone Stand - Kickstand, Multi-Angle Easel, Height Adjustable, Mini Tripod Stand, Car Mount, GPS Stand, Nano Suction, Compatible with Android, iPhone & Tablet(Black)

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  • 【Easel】 Multiple Viewing Angle and Unique Height Adjustment provides the perfect viewing angle when watching videos on your phone/tablet. Once you are done fold it flat & put it in your pocket
  • 【Nano Suction】 Stick your phone/tablet firmly to any smooth surface like windows mirrors kitchen counter tops car console etc. It is reusable & does not leave any residue behind. Wash it with a damp cloth if it gets dirty
  • 【GPS Stand】 An Anti Slip Pad (included) for using stand on car dashboards for navigation no sticky residue no mess & completely reusable. Wash the Anti Slip Pad with water if it gets dirty.
  • 【Mini Tripod Stand】Uboh transforms into a convenient tripod that works with any dimension phone. Silicone rubber is used to hold the phone & provide a snug fit allows Portrait & Landscape orientation.
  • Every Uboh includes metallic plates & an additional Anti Slip Pad. It comes with a detailed manual that has instructions on how to use various features and a pouch for easy storage. No Assembly Required. ONLY available in BLACK

UBOH - World's Most Versatile Phone & Tablet Stand.

Uboh, the soulmate to handheld devices, is extraordinary. We created this little friend to ensure that style, convenience and affordability merge to develop a stand that encapsulates multiple features and supports the endless uses of our handheld devices. With just one size, Uboh is the only stand that fits any phone or tablet perfectly.When you have one Uboh, you do not have to invest in multiple accessories to suit your needs. It's the right size, it has a trendy design and it's affordable. Uboh offers everything you need, and even more!

  • Uboh is compatible with any phone & even tablets. All you need is to stick a metallic plate (provided) to the back of the device to use Uboh. You can also stick the metal plate on the inside of your existing phone/tablet case.
  • High Quality Nano suction tape makes it easier to stick Uboh (and the phone) to any smooth,flat surfaces. The suction tape leaves no residue and cleans easily with a damp cloth to remove debris and dirt. The tape does not stick to fabrics or skin.
  • The tripod stand is made of Silicone rubber which will fit most phones. If the phone has a thickness of around 0.25 to 0.4 inch (6.5 to 10 mm) which most of the phones today are, then you are good.
  • The magnets used in Uboh are Neodymium Magnets. Although they are strong enough to hold your phone there is no damage caused to your phone, tablet or credit cards.
  • Uboh folds flat and is pocket sized.

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Adrian Ramos
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