Tile vs Chipolo vs TrackR Bravo

I was given the opportunity to run a comparison test with three leading tracking devices, Tile, Chipolo and TrackR Bravo. The approach I took was to test the features that make these type of devices useful and worth buying.

In my trial run I first look at the degree of difficulty for setting up the device’s for use. I then tested the basic function which is the bi-directional search for both the device and the mobile phone it is paired with. I tested the operating range and looked over additional features that could make one device more appealing than the others.

All three devices were packaged in a way that made it easy to unbox and all three devices contained simple instructions to get you started.

The process of installing the mobile app and pairing the device to the mobile phone was simple and straight forward. Verifying your email address before pairing is required by Chipolo and Tile. TrackR will require verification however the device will allow you to pair it with your phone without verifying your email address.

All three mobile apps are easy to use and they make it very obvious as to where you need to go to ring your tracking device.

Both Chipolo and Tile were functional at 100 feet whereas the TrackR app could not connect with the device at the same distance. All three devices were functional at a 75 foot distance.

All three devices feature crowd gps which can help locate a lost item if you are out of the blue tooth range that the app requires to pinpoint the tracking device location.

Pro’s & Con’s


  • Tile was the loudest of the three devices. It was very audible even at a 100 foot distance.
  • Tile worked at a distance of 100 feet. The app connected to the device very quickly and operated with no hesitation.
  • If you have an Apple iWatch, Tile has an app for it.
  • Battery is not replaceable and the app does not show the battery level of the tracking device. Tile claims that the battery should last about a year at which point you could send in your dead tile and exchange it for a new one at a discounted price.


  • The battery is replaceable and the unit comes with an extra battery and key ring.
  • The device worked at a distance of 100 feet.
  • The device can be used as a remote camera shutter.
  • If you have an Apple iWatch, Chipolo has an app for it.
  • The website allows you to ring your phone and send messages to it.
  • The app has a separation feature that didn’t work for me. Hopefully an app update can fix that bug.
  • The app does not show the battery level of the tracking device.

TrackR Bravo

  • The app shows the battery level of the tracking device.
  • The app has a separation feature that works very well.
  • The battery is replaceable
  • The unit comes with a key ring and an adhesive tape that could be used to attach the device to things like a remote control.
  • Trackr Bravo had the shortest operating range at 75 feet as compared to the other two that worked at 100 feet.
  • The audible alert is faint at a 75 foot distance. You really have to listen for it to hear it.

Overall, all three devices are capable of helping you find your items if you misplace them. Although the TrackR Bravo wasn’t the loudest and it had a slightly shorter operating range of the three devices, I would lean more towards buying a TrackR because of the battery level feature within the mobile app. I think that is the single most important piece of information to keep an eye on for a tracking device that relies on a battery to operate.

Adrian Ramos
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