MOMENTUM 2 Wireless Black

$199.95 $399.95 AMAZON

Proudly leading the way into the next generation of Sennheiser?s highly regarded MOMENTUM line, the MOMENTUM Wireless brings you freedom of movement and total purity of sound. Bluetooth wireless technology makes a cable unnecessary, and thanks to Sennheiser?s innovative NoiseGard Hybrid active noise cancellation technology, you?ll be able to enjoy your favorite music on the go in amazing clarity. Two pairs of internal and external microphones work together to virtually eliminate ambient noise at both high and low frequencies. A technological masterpiece in a stunning package, the MOMENTUM Wireless sports an elegant stainless steel construction and luxurious leather padding of the highest quality, fully in keeping with the exacting aesthetic principles of the MOMENTUM line while the foldable headband and spacious ear cups add a new level of comfort and convenience to your listening experience. Sennheiser?s MOMENTUM Wireless a modern classic.

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MOMENTUM 2 Wireless Black
MOMENTUM 2 Wireless Black
$199.95 $399.95

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