Incharge Charging Cable Review

Today I reviewed a simple yet useful charging cable made by inCharge.

What caught my attention was how this cable is designed to latch onto your key ring or anything that the cable could loop over. Charging cables are one of those accessories that are used daily but we somehow can’t find one when our smart devices decide to run out of battery when we are away from home.

This charging cable is priced at $11.99 on Amazon and is available with a lighting connector for all your ios devices or a MicroUSB connector for all your Android devices or anything that uses a MicroUSB charging port. It is also offered in a variety of colors which could be helpful to distinguish between owners if you have several people in your household who own one of these cables. The cable has a magnet locking feature that secures the cable once you loop it over a key ring. The magnets are strong enough that it would make it tough to have them pull apart with normal handling. The overall construction of the cable feels very durable. The company has also announced that it is designing a USB-c version of these cables which further covers newer devices that make use of USB-c.

Overall I believe this is a great product that is sure to come in handy when you run into those situations where your smart device is about to run out of battery and you remember that you have a charging cable hooked to your keys.

Hook one to your keys and never leave home without your charging cable again.

The inCharge Ultra Portable Charging Keychain Cable USB to Micro USB 10mm Thin Version Black

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